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Development of Sukuk in the Middle East Research Paper

Advancement of Sukuk in the Middle East - Research Paper Example ure of Sukuk has been presented and created on the grounds that the structure of installment of bond based on western technique isn't permitted or passable in Arabian nations. Sukuk sets up a connection between the arrival and the income from financing of the advantages. The financing if there should arise an occurrence of Sukuk is pertinent just if there should arise an occurrence of recognizable resources. The structure of Sukuk is created so that it gives sufficient come back to its financial specialists without abusing the standards and guidelines of the Islamic law. There are assortments and various sorts of structure of Sukuk that is related with the basic resource. The most notable and natural sort of Sukuk is identified with the fractional responsibility for resource and it likewise incorporates different kinds of securities that is connected or connected with the incomplete responsibility for, business, undertaking or speculation. Sukuk can likewise be characterized as the u nified offers that is connected or connected with specific activities or unique venture. The financial specialist of Sukuk has normal offer that is identified with the interest in the responsibility for resource however it doesn't speak to or manages the obligation that is owed to the guarantor of the instrument. During the time of old style change of Islam the idea of Sukuk has gotten from the word check which speaks to or means the record which takes after an agreement or a privilege or commitment that is entered by the gatherings and it has been presented following Shariah. The proof looks like that Sukuk is utilized broadly during the Islamic time frame for moving the monetary commitments or liabilities that has started from the exchange and other business exercises. The significance and the need or necessity for the utilization of Sukuk has expanded slowly in the viewpoint of present day Islamic culture and it manages the idea of adaptation of the advantage and it is normally known as securitization of benefit which is accomplished through the procedure of issuance of Sukuk. The potential

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Smartphone Market Essay Example for Free

Cell phone Market Essay With developing portable innovations and quick development in clients of cell phones, there have been a great deal of legitimate issues required between the cell phone makers. Measures are being set and licenses are being enrolled by the makers to keep their market upstanding. These licenses are enlisted basically to screen and actualize the way to expand the quantity of customers. This article will look at how these legitimate issues influence the end clients and furthermore about the lawful issues which are being brought to the court. The article additionally examines the ramifications of the present absence of explicitness of the licenses and recommends refinement of licenses as far as tight versus expansive comprehensiveness. Examination The cell phone advertise has taken a monster jump in the most recent decade with significant markets developing each day. The business sectors do have their own patent and copyright to keep their work unblemished from different makers. The legitimate issues authoritative to such licenses are additionally confused. These licenses are straightforwardly associated with the benefits and furthermore showcase esteem. They are viewed as significant and fill in as the stabilizer for the makers as far as the commercial center and to keep a serious parity in the market. The writer in the article attempts to comprehend the fight in court among Apple and Samsung on different licenses they use on their telephone. Apple on one hand asserts that Android showcase has been intended to duplicate iphones plan and system though Samsung answers saying that natural item structure doesn’t mean impersonation. This fights has begun when Samsung propelled the universe arrangement. The fight in court chiefly began with patent issues when Samsung went for Android showcase for their telephones. The lawful issues opened up to the world and natural when Samsung was approached to pay $1.05 billion in harms as it acted wilfully in damaging the patent rights. This additionally went to a phase where the Samsung’s key telephones and tablets might be restricted for deals and the world’s greatest innovation supplier has arrived at a stop with their multi year low on advertise an incentive after the decision the US jury. Samsung has come to organize upset the choice with the patent fights reach a conclusion yet it generally appears to be a phony guarantee to remember the serious market balance for the PDAs. While Samsung accepts that the plan and highlight of Apple ought not be permitted to guarantee patent though Apple emphatically believesâ that its structure and highlights are its primary market esteem and think about them as its protected innovation. More infringement from Samsung’s end in licenses have fortified the case towards apple. These cases among Apple and Samsung have been spread to practically all the nations where they have their end buyers. Samsung being the primary part provider for Apple ought to have tackled these issues genially out of the court however neglected to do as such. The end clients are placed in an inquiry consistently whether to go for Samsung items or Apple items remembering the legitimate issues these two organizations have. The item support likewise went to a question mark due to the pending legitimate cases in the court. A large portion of the applications in both the telephones are presently in a question mark due to the pending patent rights. Both Apple and Samsung telephone clients are getting a product update in which a large number of the highlights goes for overhauling and certain legitimate issues disappears. The usefulness of the telephone continue as before however the patent suits won goes for upgradation. As a result of these duplicating demonstrations of Samsung, Apple have won 1 billion for harms and that isn't all it may impactsly affect the telephones previously discharged. The android advertise which is having a market stake of 60 to 70 percent will lose some key usefulness and furthermore some particular highlights. This could likewise wind up Samsung in updating and changing the highlights in the telephones which they have just discharged in the market. The end clients are likewise in the line up whether the fight for the cell phones will influence the usefulness of the item they have purchased in the market. With android markets being in question it is immensely a question mark for Samsung to rely upon such market which is profoundly serious. Apple has indicated the world that Samsung has duplicated the structure and highlights of iphone. Apple thus is attempting the check the android showcase which ends up being serious to the Iphone advertise. Apple attempts to check the makers who are connected to Android showcase for which HTC lawful cases and Samsung legitimate cases are a superior model. Apple is strategically utilizing its own strategy to hinder the android advertise by assaulting the organizations making android gadgets While the possibilities of losing such huge numbers of plan and highlights to Apple it could simply be a stage for android to have a go at something new. This could be a push ahead move for android as they will give new things from now a shot and won't go about as a shadow to ios. By introducing Android 4.0 Google is attempting to ad lib and make another remarkable working framework to help the android making organizations. Since the android telephones no more take after an iphone in the market, it could be a lift to sell the new model telephones in the market. The legitimate cases could have supported Apple yet the deals and the market esteem is preferring Samsung. The cases have supported Apple however on the off chance that the client need to leave from predictable and needs a decent change they need to go for another cell phones which are util izing android working framework. The business specialists figure that the android markets would blast after the unpredictable choice from the jury come up as they reason that the telephones will have another look and highlights which will draw in the clients more than previously. The piece of the pie of android making telephones are likewise expected to ascend with their new structure and highlight. The end clients are given another brief look at telephones which isn't a shadow or impersonation of iphone with improved usefulness and highlights. It shows signs of improvement with wacky new plans for the clients and is ending up being a smart thought for the makers to give new things and new highlights a shot the telephone. The claims by apple in one structure have assisted the end client with getting new plan and new highlights. This can be placed at the end of the day that there are presently two distinctive advanced mobile phones accessible which has various plans to energize the client. References 1. Dan Levine Purnima gupta (2012) Reuters, 27 August [online] Available at idUSBRE87Q02K20120827 (Accessed on 13 December 2012) 2. three-licenses harms muddled u-s-jury/articleshow/17604481.cms

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Best Types of Stress Reduction Exercise

Best Types of Stress Reduction Exercise June 24, 2019 More in Stress Management Management Techniques Physical Techniques Relaxation Time Management Effects on Health Situational Stress Job Stress Household Stress Relationship Stress Its true that exercise is an excellent stress reduction tool, and this is true for several reasons: Exercise helps release built-up tension in the body.Exercise can give you a venue for releasing emotional tension as well.Exercise releases endorphins and other happy hormones in your body, promoting a feeling of wellbeing.Exercise helps promote overall health and wellbeing, which can also lessen your experience of stress.Some forms of exercise allow you to be social, which can also be great for stress reduction. Other forms of exercise can allow you to get into a meditative state. Exercise can also raise feelings of self-esteem and bring other benefits that improve life quality. With all these benefits, its clear that if youre able to exercise, you should exercise! The next step is finding the right form of exercise. The following are excellent for stress relief, for the reasons mentioned above, and each has its own special offerings as well. Yoga: Its great for physical health and flexibility, and it can also help you get into a meditative state.  Karate: It can help you develop self-discipline, become part of a community, release frustration and tension, and even feel safer, as youll be better able to defend yourself in the event of an attack.Swimming: Combining the soothing properties of water and the benefits of exercise, swimming is a great way to get in shape, cool off, and feel great.Walking: Just about anyone can do this one, and it can conform to your schedule: You can take a walk on your lunch break, put little kids in a stroller and walk, walk in the morning before your shower, etc. Walking and talking with a friend makes it not even feel like exercise (for me, at least), and walking by yourself can provide the venue for you to work out problems in your head or get into a meditative state. If youre not sure how to work regular exercise into your schedule, there are many things you can do about that. Also, if you have trouble maintaining new habits that are good for you, you can learn  how to choose a healthy habit and stick with it.

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The Patriot Act By Robert F. Kennedy - 2133 Words

Following the days after the September 11th terrorist attacks, forty-five days to be exact, congress passed the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act stands for the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism. The Patriot Act was enacted in response to the attacks of the September 11th with the intentions of terminating international terrorist operating within American. Thought the Patriot Act stands for protecting America and its citizens it also has many provisions that violate the US constitution. Firstly the Patriot Act encroaches on our First Amendment rights, which allow the citizens of America to speak and express ourselves freely. Secondly it violates the fourth Amendment rights, which protects American citizens against unwanted searches and seizures. The Patriot Act not only violates the Constitution, but represents the loss of our individual liberties as American citizens. The Patriot Act violates our freedom of speec h and expression stated in the first Amendment and the protection from searches and seizures given to us by the fourth Amendment. As Stated by Robert F. Kennedy, an American politician, in his Day of Affirmation Address, the first and most crucial element of our individual liberty is our freedom of speech and the right to express our ideals. It seems following the terrorist attacks from September 11th people became scared and frightened that such a thing could happen, an now people are losingShow MoreRelatedThe Declaration Of The Patriot Act1260 Words   |  6 Pagesour own government. Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the president at the time, George Bush, responded by passing an act. This act is known as the Patriot Act. It allows the government unlimited access to phone records, emails, and text messages without a warrant through National Security Letters and Sneak and Peak Searches. Why do they do this, why was this act passed, they claim it’s for our safety. Both can be obtained and carried out without a judge’s approval, without a warrant, andRead MoreThe Patriot Act Suppresses Criticism of the Government Essay examples1028 Words   |  5 PagesThe most valuable aspects of individualism is the freedom to speak and to express are feelings that is what makes us human, as President Robert F. Kennedy stated in his Day of Affirmation Address that â€Å"†¦the first element of this individual liberty is the freedom of speech: the right to express and communicate ideas, to set oneself apart from the dumb beasts of field and forest†¦Ã¢â‚¬  My family came to the U.S. because of the promises of freedom. When we were in India we could not speak ill of the politicsRead MoreEssay on Corruption in US Government1991 Words   |  8 Pagesunderstands at the very least a rough version of. The story of how a group of patriots overthrew standing British power who were invading their rights to privacy, taxing them unfairly, and overall not giving the colonials a square deal. This story gives American’s pride in their identity and government. It also serve s to legitimize the current US Government, for the current officials follow the same Constitution set up by those Patriots who fought the British. However, since the founding of the US GovernmentRead MoreAn Analysis of John F. Kennedys Civil Rights Address1750 Words   |  7 PagesThat same afternoon, John F. Kennedy addresses the nation in an attempt to sooth flared tempers on both sides of the debate. Despite the limited time for preparation, â€Å"†¦ it was one of his best speeches–a heartfelt appeal in behalf of a moral cause that included several memorable lines calling upon the country to honor its finest traditions† (Dallek). Indeed, part of this heartfelt spirit is likely derived from the relative spontaneity of the speech. Nevertheless, Kennedy is well-recognized as skilledRead MoreAPUSH Chapter 11 Study Guide Essay2623 Words   |  11 Pagesbecause it ended the decade of division and Americans could take justifiable pride in vigor their experiment in d emocracy. 2. Jefferson (pp. 216–218) Jefferson was an aristocrat whose sympathies were with the common man— perhaps like F. D. Roosevelt and J. F. Kennedy in the twentieth century. Although his stump speeches called for a maximum of personal liberty and a minimum of government intervention, cite two examples of how he accepted some Federalist programs and became a moderate in practice:Read MorePublic Safety and Individual Rights Paper1852 Words   |  8 PagesPublic Safety and Individual Rights Paper Robert Gubbins University of Phoenix January 20, 2014 AJS/552 There are many challenges that law enforcement agencies faces when it comes to enforcing public safety at the same time protect the rights of individuals. This paper will focus on several key topics involving the relationship between public safety and individual rights. The first topic is the statutory authority and responsibilities of government officials, security personnelRead MoreThe Great Writ of Liberty1762 Words   |  8 Pagesrights (Feldmeier, 2009, pp. 11-12). One of the very first developing cases of habeas corpus involved the slave by the name of Dred Scotts which took place in 1772. Examples: U.S. Suspension of Habeas Corpus â€Å"The Great Writ† or Habeas Corpus Suspension Act of 1863 was the direct result of detaining â€Å"enemy combatants† during the civil war. Under President Lincoln, the ability to invoke such rights was subjected to the constitutionality of withholding combatants of war. Justification for the â€Å"Great Writ†Read MoreEssay about The Endless Gun Control Debate2101 Words   |  9 Pagesof Columbia v. Heller involved a dispute over a handgun ban in the District of Columbia (D.C.). In February 2003, six D.C. residents filed a lawsuit challenging the Firearms Control Regulations Act of 1975. The Act prohibited D.C. residents from owning handguns. The six residents were assembled by Robert Levy, who was affiliated with the CATO Institute. The CATO Institute is a research organization. Its stated mission is, â€Å"originate, disseminate, and increase understanding of public policies basedRead MorePre-Columbian Period9302 Words   |  38 Pagesguarantee indiv idual liberties such as freedom of speech and religious practice and consisted of the first ten amendments of the Constitution.[29] John Jay was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, whose membership was established by the Judiciary Act of 1789; the first Supreme Court session was held in New York City on February 1, 1790.[30] In 1803, the Court case Marbury v. Madison made the Court the sole arbiter of constitutionality of federal law.[31] [edit] Foundations for American government Read More Biography of Edgar Allan Poe Essay11890 Words   |  48 PagesElizabeth Cairnes, also of Scotch-Irish ancestry, then living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, whence, sometime prior to the outbreak of the American Revolution they moved to Baltimore, Maryland. David Poe and his wife, Elizabeth Cairnes Poe, took the patriot side in the Revolution. David was active in driving the Tories out of Baltimore and was appointed Assistant Deputy Quartermaster, which meant that he was a local purchasing agent of military supplies for the Revolutionary Army. He is said to have

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Do Insects Feel Pain

Scientists, animal rights activists, and biological ethicists have long debated whether or not insects feel pain. Theres no easy answer to the question. Since we cant know for certain what insects may or may not feel, theres really no way to know if they feel pain, however, whatever they do experience is very different than what people feel. Pain Involves Both Senses and Emotion Prevalent interpretation submits that pain, by definition, requires a capacity for emotion. According to the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), Pain equals an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage. That means that pain is more than simply the stimulation of nerves. In fact, the IASP notes that some patients feel and report pain with no actual physical cause or stimulus.   Sensory Response Pain is both a subjective and emotional experience. Our responses to unpleasant stimuli are influenced by perception and past experiences. Higher-order animals, such as humans, have pain receptors (nociceptors) that send signals through our spinal cord to the brain. Within the brain, the thalamus directs these pain signals to different areas for interpretation. The cortex catalogs the source of the pain and compares it to a  pain weve experienced before. The limbic system controls our emotional response to pain, making us cry or react in anger.   The insect nervous system differs greatly from that of higher-order animals. They lack the neurological structures responsible for translating negative stimuli into  emotional experiences and, to this point, no commensurate structures have been found to exist within insect systems. Cognitive Response We also learn from the experience of pain, adapting our behaviors to avoid it when possible. For instance, if you burn your hand by touching a hot surface, you associate that experience with pain and will avoid making the same mistake in the future. Pain serves an evolutionary purpose in higher-order organisms.   Insect behavior, in contrast, is largely a function of genetics. Insects are pre-programmed to behave in certain ways. The insect lifespan is short, so the benefits of one single individual learning from pain experiences are minimized. Insects Dont Show Pain Responses Perhaps the clearest evidence that insects do not feel pain is found in behavioral observations. How do insects respond to injury?   An insect with a damaged foot doesnt limp. Insects with crushed abdomens continue to feed and mate. Caterpillars still eat and move about their host plant, even as parasites consume their bodies. In fact, a locust being devoured by a praying mantid will behave normally, feeding right up until the moment of death. While insects and other invertebrates dont experience pain in the same way that higher-order animals do, this doesnt preclude the fact that insects, spiders, and other arthropods are living organisms. Whether or not you believe they deserve humane treatment is a matter of personal ethics, although theres a good chance that if an insect serves a purpose that humans perceive as beneficial, such as the honeybee, or is aesthetically pleasing, like the butterfly—they are much more likely to be treated with kindness and respect—but ants invading your picnic or a spider in your shoes? Not so much. Sources: Eisemann, C. H., Jorgensen, W. K., Merritt, D. J., Rice, M. J., Cribb, B. W., Webb. P. D., and Zalucki, M. P. Do Insects Feel Pain? — A Biological View. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 40: 1420-1423, 1984Do Invertebrates Feel Pain? The Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, The Parliament of Canada Web Site, accessed 26 October 2010.

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Music of the Baroque Period Free Essays

Review Questions 1. What is a symphony? A symphony is an elaborate musical composition for full orchestra, typically in four movements, at least one of which is traditionally in sonata form. 2. We will write a custom essay sample on Music of the Baroque Period or any similar topic only for you Order Now What is a sonata? How is it related to the sonata form? A sonata is a composition for an instrumental soloist, with piano accompaniment, in several movements with one or more in sonata form. Sonata form is a piece of music in three sections, in ABA form, which are exposition, development, and recapitulation. 3. What is a coda? A coda is pieces at the end of a musical piece that are extended past the capitulation. . What are the three different parts of the sonata form? Describe each part. The first part of sonata from is the exposition. The exposition is where the composer â€Å"exposes† the themes of the music which are the first subject group and the second subject group. The second is the development. The development is the section of the music where the composer builds on the themes that were introduced in the exposition. This is also where the tension in the piece is built up. The recapitulation is the third and final part of the sonata form and it is the exposition is s lightly repeated. The tension from the development eases, and the sound is subtle again. 5. What are the three different periods of Beethoven’s work? Describe each part. Beethoven’s work was organized into the early, the middle and the late periods. The early period was from 1779-1802, and that’s when he composed his first and second symphonies. The middle period was from 1803-1814. He experimented with different techniques at that time. The late period was from 1815-1827, and his works reflect the transition into the Romantic period. Critical Thinking Questions 6. What are the characteristics of the music of the Classical period? When referring to the music of the classical period, people think about the Viennese school. Many great composers attended the school, such as Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. The Classical music period was a mix of many different ideas, as everyone was sharing thoughts, and music. 7. How does the music of the Classical period differ from the music of the Baroque period? The music of the baroque period was said to be classified as a period of elaborate music. The music of the Classical period is more â€Å"down to earth† music and sought after beauty rather than complex melodies. Music of the Baroque Period By representatives How to cite Music of the Baroque Period, Papers

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Movie Summary A Civil Action Essay Example For Students

Movie Summary A Civil Action Essay The movie A Civil Action, was a very interesting movie to me. It really helped show me some of the flaws in our legal system and the true nature of it. If theres anything I picked up from it, it is the fact that achieving justice is not the goal for most court cases. Like what Facher said in the movie, Truth lies at the bottom of a bottomless pit I thought we were talking about a court of law. Court isnt that place to find the truth. Youll be lucky if you find anything around here resembling the truth. This case stopped being about dead children as soon as it entered the justice system. Facher is not a bad guy, I think he is a pragmatist. He understands how the law works and he is masterful at manipulating it in order to further his clients interests. The way he prevented the families from testifying in court, in my opinion is not him beating the system but rather just the way the system works. Lawyers have to look at all angles and possibilities to earn their paycheck from their client. He did so perfectly and is a brilliant lawyer though some people might call into question his ethics but that is a very grey area. Travoltas character at first seemed the same as Fachner, but I think he acted ethically in helping the families fight for justice but to his dismay he learned the hard way that our system has the nice guys finishing last. He could have reached a settlement in the case but he tried to abide by the wishes of his clients in that they were not interested in money but rather an apology from someone claiming responsibility. In that sense I think that his clients did not have a grasp on the way our legal system operates, and should have understood that the companies that polluted the river were interested in self preservation and do not give much mind to those people that they harmed. A side effect of this was the enormous cost of the trial was, especially to the law firm. The perception that people file lawsuits just to make easy money might not always hold true. Sometimes they might actually may just be seeking justice but as it is shown it can bankrupt you. This misconception might be enhanced because people who might file and win these lawsuits might already be wealthy. As Travoltas firm runs out of money they continue to give off the impression of wealth because that is what they need to do. They need to give that impression off so that the defendants know that they dont have the plaintiffs shook, and if they think they do they will delay the trial longer and longer, to try and make it a war of attrition, one that they would ultimately win. It is a way of litigating that is very effective especially if you have resources. In this sense the civil trial system fails the idea of justice severely. How are people wronged by these multimillion dollar companies supposed to go toe to toe with them? Its unfair and shows that its just a big chess game played by people who have the ability and resources to make a move. That is why public interest lawyers are usually paid the least because its hard to find someone who would give up a job for a private firm with a nice salary for a low income public job. I dont see how there can be a solution to this problem because it doesnt seem right for the government to pay its lawyers so much more just so they dont work for the competition when they could use that money towards other things that require the governments attention. Also even though the plaintiffs received monetary settlement they were disappointed same with the lawyers. The press reported it as a success though because they dont see the context of the case. .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4 , .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4 .postImageUrl , .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4 , .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4:hover , .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4:visited , .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4:active { border:0!important; } .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4:active , .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4 .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u860776ec3de2e49a6a150a5ec7c5deb4:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Stereotypes of Women in Disney Animated Films EssayLooking at it just by the numbers it seems that the company took a hit and justice has been achieved. But in reality the company paid to them what is considered a small fine just so they can make a nuisance go away. The plaintiffs were disappointed because they felt that someone should be held accountable for their negligence that killed their kids. Even though the company apologizes using their checkbook, it was not enough. But once the EPA intervened and commanded that the company clean up their mess the plaintiffs finally gained a sense of peace. They were not in it for the money, they wanted the mess that killed their children to be cleaned up and it was. Also the companies were ordered to clean up the mess which cost them millions which serves as a just retribution I believe. The plaintiffs did not get what they wanted from the civil justice system but it did help the administrative agencies make a case against the companies to ultimately achieve their goals. In that sense I think that maybe even though some parts of our legal system may be flawed, maybe in time we have measures set up to address the issues that slipped away the hands of justice in the courts. I think this because It was a huge shock when I saw the EPA come in and Save the day. It kind of restores my faith in our system when I realize that we have administrative agencies in place that can regulate and enforce rules for companies to follow so that they do not abuse their power and infringe on peoples liberties.